About Us


To create high-quality handcrafted pieces with people and the planet in mind.


In the beginning, our search was for ethically handmade and eco friendly products.  On our journey we found a way to assist others to build their lives and receive a steady income. The collection may continue to evolve, however one thing stays constant and that is we are all about people and our environment.

Each piece is designed in Peregian Beach, Queensland and handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese artisans are warm, resourceful and highly skilled women.

With you, our customers we are able to offer them access to a market of people who love natural toys. We believe the product should give back to their creators and with you, we can continue to achieve this. Thank you, for your support.

small puppy playing with East Coast Pets throw ring


We have formed a partnership, with Kalyan a business-savy owner in Kathmandu. He employs local women in his family owned workshop who love to handcraft wool into products.

The artisans are all highly skilled women who financially support their families and are able to send their children to school.

We offer a fair price for goods to enhance the lives of these artisans and to connect their products with the world.


A pet accessory ten years in the making.

Wool fibres are hand bonded with heat, agitation and moisture to increase durability. Each well-made piece is dyed gently from local vegetable plant to create bright and bold colour.
Being 100% natural, these throw, toss and chew toys are completely biodegradable, which is gentle on our earth.

And guess what? Our pieces do something good for our artisans who receive a fair and sustainable wage.

Dog with East Coast Pets Tug Toy